a personal music streaming server that works

The story of koel

My laptop went out of disk space – thank you, Parallels.
My phone had only 16GB of storage.
And I still had a good 40GB of mp3 stored in my external hard drive.
So I started looking out for an open source, or at least free, music streaming application that I can make use of.
I found a few. Alas, none was to my taste!
In my desperation I asked myself this question:
"Heck, why not just build one?"
And so koel was born.

And why "koel"?
It’s the name of a bird who sings non-stop near my place back in Singapore. He looks like this:

The technologies of koel

  • Vue
  • Laravel
  • TypeScript
  • Sass

The requirements of koel

The server part of koel requires a server (duh) that can run Laravel.

For the client part, koel doesn’t aim to work for everyone.

In order to do what it’s created to do and do it best, koel embraces some of the newer web technologies
– those only supported in modern browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

"How do I tell if my browser is, uh, modern enough?" you ask.
Well, if you weren’t using a modern browser, you wouldn’t be here at first place
this website doesn’t look broken to you, chances are it is.

The installation and documentation of koel

unzip koel-latest.zip

cd koel

php artisan koel:init --no-assets

php artisan serve

Server started on http://localhost:8000/

Visit documentation for detailed instructions.

For more installation guides, documentation, and troubleshooting, head over to the repo’s Documentation and Releases.
While you’re there, make sure to fork and contribute!

The mobile app for koel

Mobile Screenshots

Koel Player is the official iOS and Android mobile app for koel. Connect to your koel-powered server and enjoy the music wherever you may roam, without the unfortunate limitations of the mobile web version.
Open-source, of course.

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